Piecing as an Avoidance Mechanism

4 11 2015

I had Tuesday off from work, so I planned for Tuesday to be a sewing day. I thought I’d buckle down and work on the November’s sewing commitment.

Yeah, not so much.

I let myself get psyched out by it again, and instead decided on some easy piecing. Over the course of the day, with several breaks for meals, kiddo time, and napping, I put together a crib sized quilt top.

Quick Quilt Top

I used my pre-cut scraps stash, diving into my neutrals bucket and using a good portion of the 2.5″ squares. I also used more of the Cotton & Steel Peacock solid fabric. Eventually, I’ll use up the entirety of the six yards I bought.

The quilt top measures 40″ X 40″ (finished), and should be a breeze to quilt. I figure I’ll do straight line quilting, to keep it simple, and manageable on my domestic machine.

Apparently, this particular pattern ( a riff of the Made in Cherry pattern by Sarah Fielke) is going to be a go-to pattern for me. It’s a riff, because the original pattern called for charm squares. In addition to using 5″ squares, I’ve previously made this with 3″ squares. The 3″ squares make for a quilt top that finishes at about 50″ X 50″.

Of course, it helps that I can throw one of these babies together with very little math, and a whole lot of variation, depending on the fabrics used.

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14 responses

4 11 2015

I like it. The contrast between the star and the background really works well and has a good balance.

4 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

This particular color scheme has been bothering me since I got the solid fabric. At least it’s sort of out of my system.

4 11 2015
The Eclectic Abuela

Procrasti-piecing–I know it well! Lovely star.

4 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

Procrasti-piecing – I love it! I’ll have to remember that for the future.

4 11 2015

It’s lovely. Haven’t made one of these in years! You have inspired me ; )

4 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

I love how simple this particular pattern is to put together. And it’s great to see how diverse the same pattern can be when done in different colors.

5 11 2015

I can relate to piecing as avoidance, I claim that quilting is my yoga and piecing is my favorite part. The star is awesome and a great go-to quilt pattern. It tickles me to see the occasional bit of red peeking through. Nice job.

5 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

Quilting is my refuge from the insanity of the world – if I can’t make sense of people, I can at least make something beautiful.

The random pops of color tickle me too! I’m glad I didn’t just put those patches aside for a different project. I think it brings some more visual interest to the quilt top.

5 11 2015

Love the contrast between the star and the background. Looks like it was fun to piece.

14 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

This was a lot of fun to piece – I like to fall back to this pattern because I no longer need to measure. I just need a good selection of my pre-cut scraps.

5 11 2015

I really love this. The pieced star is gorgeous and that peacock fabric is so pretty.

10 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

That peacock fabric is probably my favorite solid color right now. It’s probably a good thing I’m going to use up what I have soon.

10 11 2015

Such a lovely quilt! I really like the color combination and it’s so out of my wheelhouse. I keep meaning to bring in some more color to the backgrounds of my quilts. That will be one of my resolutions for the coming year. For now, I need to plow through some Christmas projects (although I seem to be procrasti-piecing a lot lately!)

10 11 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while – since I bought the peacock fabric in fact. Usually, I stick to ‘safer’ background colors.

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