A Stash Manifesto

7 01 2016

Once again looking to the online quilting community for inspiration in quilting, I ran across A Quarter Inch from the Edge’s The Year of the Stash.

While I don’t add to my stash as frequently as some, I do know that I’ve managed to acquire enough to make several quilts.

I also know that though I don’t need more fabric, I enjoy the burst of ‘happy’ I get from acquiring more. So much so, that it’s very easy to acquire fabric faster than I use it.

This year, rather than practice a ‘diet’, in which I refuse to buy fabric, I’m going to attempt to be conscious about keeping track of how much of my stash I use. If I do bring fabric into the house (because that will happen), then it’ll be tracked too.

I’ve added a simple tracker to my sidebar (yay, HTML!), so that it’s transparent to myself and to everyone following along. For total honesty, I won’t count yardage that has already been dedicated to a project toward my ‘used’ totals. If it’s already promised to a project, and binned with that project, then it’s not stash proper.

Estimating yardage used from my scraps will be tough… I think I’ll only count actual yardage. If I have to iron and starch it to use it, then it can be counted toward my usage each month. (I iron and pre-cut all of my scraps for use.)

Will this get me to use my stash more often? I don’t honestly know. I’ve already got several projects that need my attention. I got four WIPs through to completed quilt last year. I’d really like to double that this year.

Ideally, I’d like to do that without immediately replacing a completed project with a new one, but I know myself. I am fueled by feeding my creative beast. I’m actually more stifled and less willing to sew if I’m not playing with fabric. And, yes, that does mean I start an awful lot of projects, but that’s what the 2016 Finish Along is for 😉

And, because I hate the idea of a blog post without a photograph, and because I already have fabric to add to my tally:

January Stash Addition Part 01

From left to right:

1.) Utopia Specks of Rambutan

2.) Ella’s Basics Black and White News

3.) Ella’s Basics Silver and White News

3.) Ella’s Basics White and Black News

3.) Ella’s Basics White and Grey News

January Stash Addition 02

From left to right:

1.) Utopia Amber Lucid Hills

2.) Fibs and Fables Algae Cottage

3.) Fibs and Fables Midnight Escape

4.) Fibs and Fables Snowy Cottage

5.) Chillingsworth Cream Dapper Yardage

That’s 9.5 yards of fabric to start the year off, and to kick off my log.



12 responses

7 01 2016

I hear ya! I’d like this year to be a finishing year too

7 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

It’s frightfully easy to keep adding to the project list, isn’t it?

8 01 2016

Love that little tracker table!! Don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to own up how much there is in my stash … 🙂

8 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

Ha! I don’t dare try to tally what I have in my stash. I think, though, if I keep track of everything I’m using, I’ll be less likely to want to add to the stash.

8 01 2016

I must confess I did start keeping a spreadsheet last year of anything and everything relating to quilting which I purchased during the year, and the total sum I’d spent by the end of the year did make me gulp! I was full of good intentions at the beginning of this year to back off on the fabric purchases, but have fallen by the wayside already … 😦 My excuse is that I’m going to be retiring at the beginning of October this year, so (a) I should spend the money while I still have it, ‘cos it sure as heck won’t be there in anywhere near the same amount once I stop working; and (b) I’m going to need something to do in all those leisure hours come October, so what better than quilting??? 🙂

8 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I’d say it’s a good excuse! But I am totally willing to help enable other quilters 😉

9 01 2016

love the idea of the tracker!

9 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

It’s the first time I’ve tracked my fabric usage – I’m curious to see how much I’ll go through this year.

13 01 2016
Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge

What a great idea… that tally box is a sure fire accountability tool! You should definitely write a tutorial on how to do it. I like your perspective on using one’s stash. Thanks for spreading the word about The Year of The Stash.

13 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m excited by the Year of the Stash – I don’t normally push myself to be so conscious of my progress through the year, so this will be a fun challenge.

23 01 2016
Lorna McMahon

How fitting that your Stash Manifesto post includes a photo of fabric with ‘staches! I just went through my stash yesterday and did a big purge. Keeping an inventory is a great idea. And your views are very realistic. Yes, we want to use our stash. But we are going to keep adding to it every now and then!

23 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I love that ‘stache fabric!! … I need to do a purge soon – I know I’m hiding fabric that I’m no longer so in love with. I just need to remember that I don’t need to immediately replace it. Preferably, I’d use it, but I need to be realistic about my usage.

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