OMG: January 2016 Goal

8 01 2016

Keen observers of my blog will note that I’ve been dinking around with my side bar, and that a couple of new buttons have popped up there. Among those new buttons is:

Since A Lovely Year of Finishes is now retired, I decided to follow along with Red Letter Quilts One Monthly Goal. While I’ll still be doing the 2016 Finish Along, I like the idea of having a monthly goal. I can set smaller milestones for myself.

For instance, this month my goal is to take my Fibs and Fables to a complete quilt top:

A Start

I’ve got all of the large diamonds cut, strips for the small four-patch diamonds prepped, and all of my fabric has arrived. This means that I will have more starching and pressing to do, but the starching is totally necessary for this particular quilt top.

I may be able to make quite a bit of progress on this quilt top tomorrow – it’s my monthly group sewing day. It’s just a matter of what I work on… I’m hoping I might be able to quilt a top up.

We’ll see what happens. Regardless, progress photos soon.




6 responses

8 01 2016
Kaelyn Angelfoot

Lovely quilt! I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

8 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m not used to working in a single fabric line, so it’s a little weird, but fun. I’m eager to finish up though!

9 01 2016

I like the idea of one monthly goal. Good luck

9 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I think I need a smaller monthly goal to help keep me moving… Sure I have tops to quilt up, but I’ve lots of fabric to use up!

10 01 2016

What a striking line! I like what you are doing with it and look forward to seeing this develop!

13 01 2016
Grey Cat Quilts

I love this line of fabric – I can’t wait to see this top finished.

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