Some Sewing, Finally

15 09 2013

I’ve managed a little sewing today: some hand-quilting and a couple of swap blocks.

Hand Quilting

Every time I pick up this quilt to work on it, I keep telling myself to remember that it only takes about an hour per block. I could feasibly have this thing done in a month, if I just remember to work on it, a little at a time. I might take it back and forth to work, to quilt on the commute, but I don’t want it to get filthy.

Granny Block Bee 27

Granny Block Bee 28
requested blocks in orange, grey and blue. The orange and grey were easy for me – the blue, not so much. While I do have some 2.5″ squares pre-cut in blue, it’s really just a few of each fabric. Coming up with enough for these blocks was actually something of a challenge. As I’ve said on this blog before, I just don’t buy blue.

Which means that I’m actually delayed in making the other two blocks for this month in the Granny Block Bee. The other September queen requested blues. *headdesk*

I placed an order with today. At least I won’t be without blue anymore?


Small Pleasures

2 09 2013

I’d forgotten how pleasurable hand-quilting could be…

There’s a point where I go very zen, and just enjoy the process, and before I know it, visible progress has been made, without the usual frustrations I experience with machine quilting. Machine quilting on my domestic machine inevitably leads to much in the way of teeth gnashing and the ripping of hair out.

And there’s nothing like the texture of hand-quilting. I love running my hands over where the quilting is densest.

Hand Quilting

I’m using a perle cotton by Oren Bayan in grey, and there’s going to be a lot of outline stitching going on, and some echo stitching. I’m now very glad I went with my instincts on this one and started ripping out the machine quilting.

Now I just need to remember to buy a couple of leather thimbles again.

Well, Shoot…

31 08 2013

As mentioned previously, I got together a quilt sandwich for Sunsets and White Beaches last Sunday. I figured I could churn through straight line quilting this baby in a couple of days, and have it bound by the end of the month. Easy peasy.

Yeah, right.

I started machine quilting this evening, playing with a couple of arrangements.

First, I thought that I could do a wide cross hatch, with the lines about 2″ apart. So I did two lines like that. Then I stepped back and HATED it. Out came the seam ripper. Next, I thought that I could do some outline stitching. That was just as bad, especially with all the twisting and turning of the quilt in the machine.

Hello, seam ripper, you are my friend.

RippingSo, now what am I doing?

Hand-quilting it.