Completed Tops

In no particular order:

The Garden Party’s Quadrille

Botanical BOM 2012 Top

I completed this quilt top on 01 January 2013, a good start to the year. Completion of the top was blogged here, though I’d been working on the top off and on since early 2012, as part of a BOM with my Stitch ‘N’ Bitch group. This was our 2012 project, and the theme was botanical. All of the blocks were named to follow a botanical theme. While I changed out some blocks and added some, I maintained that theme.

No name as of yet – I haven’t been able to think of anything appropriately catchy. I finally decided on a name – The Garden Party’s Quadrille. I wanted to acknowledge that I lifted the Women of Courage BOM setting for my own purposes. Since the Women of Courage BOM was Civil War-themed, and the number four is repeated throughout this top, I thought referencing the popular-to-the-era dance would be appropriate.

Technicolor Fields

A View From Above

Technicolor Fields spun out of my participation in The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt-Along, hosted on Flickr. It started on 01 June 2011, and I put the final stitches in this top on 01 March 2013. I probably would have been done sooner, but I took a frustration break of at least six months, when I thought I’d lost all of the blocks for one row.

Charmed, I’m Sure

Charmed, I'm Sure

Charmed, I’m Sure came out of my need to use up charm squares I was receiving in a swap, along with some Tula Pink charms, and charms from my scraps and stash. Very quick and easy to put together, the the top languished without borders for several months when I realized that there was a great deal of waviness to the top, due to my having followed the cutting instructions. While on vacation recently, I spent time fixing the waviness issue, as well as cutting and piecing the borders for this quilt.

Forever Fairy Tales

AMH Diamonds Quilt Top with Borders


I drank the Anna Maria Horner Kool-Aid with the release of her Fibs and Fables fabric line, and decided I needed to make an entire quilt top with just those fabrics. Lots of starch, lots of sixty degree diamonds!


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