I keep thinking that I’m not much of a finisher, but really, I just finish slowly. I’m easily distracted by new projects or simply set a project aside as I get bored of it. Below are quilts that I’ve completed, starting with the most recent. My oldest quilts aren’t pictured. The photo was either not good enough, or there simply isn’t a photo.

A few of the quilts pictured were for swaps – I used to love doing these mini-projects as a challenge to myself. I work very well when under a deadline, and will push myself to produce something really amazing.

Spice Garden

Spice Garden - Desert Bloom Quilting Mystery Quilt

Spice Garden was made as I followed along with the Mystery Quilt Along hosted by Desert Bloom Quilting. I started very late in the game – the vast majority of the clues had been posted, with only a few more weeks’ worth of clues to go. I mainlined this thing in a couple of weeks, because sleeping wasn’t a thing that was happening.

This quilt ended up going to live with friends that suffered a miscarriage. I wanted them to have a hug, whenever they needed one.

High Tea

High Tea Quilt Front

This was started in October of 2014, after Adrianne of On the Windy Side put out a call for pattern testers. I finished the top in short order, despite electing to make the queen sized version.

High Tea Quilt Back

I picked out some fabrics from my stash that I thought coordinated well with the top, and had just enough of each of the three to get a backing together. The binding also came from stash, and was actually a print I’d started hating because I couldn’t imagine using it. It was, however perfect for this project, as it coordinated with all the fabrics used in this quilt.


Embers - Front

Embers started when I finally drank the Swoon Kool-Aid, much later than most quilters seemed to have done so. I reduced the block size from 24″ to 16″, and went wild with yellow, pink and orange fabrics. The top then sat for over year, and I finished it up in the last week of February 2015.

Embers - Back

I ended up having to order fabrics for the backing, and settled on two fabrics from the same line that were on sale. One of the fabrics came in two separate cuts, so I simply decided to not fuss with it (I wasn’t about to mess with trying to match the pattern) and pieced in an orange fabric from my stash.

3xS (Stars, Squares and Scraps)

3xS Completed Quilt Front

This quilt was born of a bout of taming my scraps into pre- cut pieces. I tried something new, and starched the fabrics during the ironing step. This did wonders for my piecing accuracy! I’m a complete convert. The design used two blocks I’d spotted in swap groups over the last year or so.

3xS Completed Quilt Back

The backing of this quilt is another scrappy effort to use up what I have in stash. Binding used up a yard of a print I’d had in my stash for years.

Night Sky Quilt

Night Sky Completed Quilt - Front

Jana Machado started a quilt along for the Night Sky pattern by Camille Roskelley in October 2014. Like a fiend, I couldn’t keep myself from finishing the piecing on this, so the top was done by 14 November 2014. It then sat until 17 January 2015, when I was able to complete the machine quilting on Sandi’s (of Piecemeal Quilts) mid-arm frame. Quilting was done with a large, fairly dense meander, in a medium grey from Connecting Threads on top, and a light grey Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.

Night Sky Completed Quilt - Back

Backing was pieced together, using up some large scale prints that I wouldn’t normally use to piece with. Binding used up the last of two graphic black and white prints from the stash.

Patchwork Star Baby Quilt

Patchwork Star - Finished

My first finish of 2014. I spent all of 2013 making quilt tops, but not actually quilting them. I’m determined to change that around in 2015.

This quilt was given away as a gift, to a former co-worker whose wife had recently had a little girl.

Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux

CotFW, Part Deux  - From EQ to Quilt1. FwFP Quilting Plan 1, 2. Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux, 3. CotFW, Part Deux – Backing

This quilt finished up at approximately 72″ X 72″, and was another very quick quilt top to put together. Quilting it… was another story. I’ve belabored this particular quit in other posts, but hey, it’s done!

Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife (with the Dumb Blonde Next Door)

Cheating on the Farmer's Wife

1. Jeanne’s quilt, 2. Jeanne’s back, 3. The Quilt Label

This quilt finished at approximately 64″ x 64″. This was supposed to be a quick diversion from my endless piecing of Farmer’s Wife blocks. *snorts* Yeah, right.

Piecing the blocks was quick, and fairly easy. They’re essentially modified log cabin blocks. I just did them up in purple and aqua, seriously depleting my stash of both colors. I also pieced the back, using leftover strips from the front, and a Dia de los Muertos print published by Alexander Henry in 2004. (Yes, I’ve stashed fabric for seven years. Haven’t you?) The binding further uses the remaining strips from the front. I pretty much cut strips until I thought I had enough.

So, yes, a quick quilt top!

Then I put something like 24 hours of quilting into the sandwich. *facepalm* Straight-line quilting all the way through, each line half an inch from its neighbors. And then I spent eight hours (or so) cross-stitching the label, because I thought it would be a lark.

This is why I don’t make quilts as gifts.

Urban Worm

Urban Worm Completed

This particular mini-quilt was made for the Free Spirit Habitat by Jay McCarroll Challenge. I experimented quite a bit here – I appliqued the ‘worm’ down, a technique I usually avoid. I also went with asymmetrical straight line quilting, and followed it up with some chunky, sashiko-style hand-quilting in four shades of Perl cotton.
Laffy Taffy Basket

Laffy Taffy Baskey, & Quilted photo 100_0009.jpg

This was made for Doll Quilt Swap, Round 10. Some experimentation here. I’d just gotten my Accuquilt GO! cutter, and tried out the flower die set. I went with raw edge applique for the flowers.
Christmas Cactus Quilt

Christmas Cactus Quilt

1. Christmas Cactus Quilt Full View Front, 2. Christmas Cactus Quilt Full View Back, 3. Christmas Cactus Quilt Front Detail

 Made from a design by Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts. Color choices were primarily inspired by the border print. I tend to work from the outside in, when picking colors.


I have a small obsession with flying geese. This particular mini-quilt was spurred on by the fact that I found the robin’s eggs blue and umber solid along with that really awesome print in one shopping trip. They just needed to go into a quilt together.
Modern Beauty

It's Finished!

This particular mini-quilt was made for the Modify Tradition Swap. I played around with my embroidery stitches for this particular quilt.
Summertime Star

Summertime Star

 Another mini-quilt, another swap. Made for the Good ‘Ole Summertime Quilt Shop.

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