Traveling Bee-utiful – August

4 09 2015

For the month of August, a top-in-progress that I’d already worked on cycled back to me. When I last saw it, this is what I had, a collection of individual blocks:

Traveling Bee-utiful - February Round

This time, there were more individual blocks:

Traveling Bee-utiful - August

My challenge this month was to start pulling a modern sampler together out of the individual blocks.

I stared at the blocks for a while, feeling like there was something missing. I referred back to the inspiration quilt, which is the Moda Building Blocks Sampler. I realized that what I felt that another, large-ish block needed to be in the quilt top.

So, I made an 18″ Windmill block:

August - Windmill

I went with this block because I felt it was visually distinct from the several variations of star blocks already present in the blocks. In the end, this was my only new addition.

I then began putzing around with the blocks, looking to start forming the actual top, to get the blocks into a sampler. I ended up with three distinct sections, as pictured below, along with a handful of additional blocks.

Something Like Progress

I left the top-in-progress as it was, and sent it to the next person to work on it. I figure this way, there’s some structure, but there’s also room to add more.




30 09 2013

Can I tell you all something?

Of all the blocks in the world that I could make, i would probably do just about anything to avoid making log cabins. I find them so tedious!

Inevitably, though, log cabins are requested at least once in each swap. Sometimes, multiple times.

And so I make them, because I want my swap partners to be happy, and to enjoy what I send them.

Log Cabin 01

Log Cabin 02
Lisa was actually the queen for August in the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap, but I fell behind, and then just avoided making these. But I got my stuff together tonight, finally. Mostly because fabric from the October queen in the Fat Stash Bee arrived, and I realized that I would be perilously close to being two months behind. And that just wasn’t acceptable – I’d been up to date until the beginning of the fall semester.

Anyway, I got my tush in gear, and made two. Lisa requested these in any colors we wanted. I decided to return to my favorite standbys of gray and chartreuse, and then to make one in my new favorites of raspberry and tangerine. Of course, having made that chartreuse and gray block, I have this urge to run and buy as much fabric as I can in this color – it’s desperately low in my stash. It was actually kind of a challenge to come up with enough fabrics in that particular shade.

Tomorrow, it’s time to make some more of October’s blocks, and then I can return to Swoon blocks.

Fresh Sewing Day, August Edition

1 08 2013

I got a ton done this month, despite having essentially taken a sewing hiatus for the middle of the month. Really, I just wanted to piece something quick, and granny blocks have been calling my name since joining the Granny Block Bee.

Fresh Sewing Day 01, August

Fresh Sewing Day 02, August
My month was comprised by a handful of swap blocks, and a whole bunch of granny blocks, obviously. Not that I mind РI might have finally worked the granny block  obsession out of my system. I even managed to rustle up enough of each color so that no block repeats the same fabric in the outer ring.

Of course, I’m already thinking ahead to the next project, but I’m telling myself that I need to finish up some of the things that I’ve already got in progress. I need to get stuff out of the in-progress pile. Still, I really want to work with some paper-pieced stars next…

Lily's Quilts

July Swap Blocks

22 07 2013

I’ve been avoiding projects that are already in progress. I know I need to work on them, but I’m just too lazy to remove hundreds of pins from a sandwich to add necessary inches to the backing. So, I hit a brief period of stagnation once again, with the exception of swap blocks.

Granny Bee Block 23

Granny Bee Block 24

Patricia was our sole queen for July in the Granny Block Bee, due to another member needing to leave. She requested Granny Blocks using the colors turquoise, yellow, green and gray. Shortly after I completed my blocks, Patricia, too, needed to leave the Bee. Since my blocks are done, I’m sending them anyway. Hopefully they’ll bring Patricia a little cheer while she deals with everything life has thrown at her recently.

Because Patricia dropped out early enough in July, our August queens in the Granny Block Bee stepped forward with their requests for the month. I’ve finished those blocks already:

Granny Bee Block 26

Granny Block Bee 25

Julianne requested blocks using aqua, teal, mustard, dark orange, chartreuse, navy blue and red, with medium/dark gray as the background. She was inspired the this Granny Square Quilt, which used Malka Dubrawsky fabrics. I dug into my stash, looking for more modern prints to match the inspiration quilt.

Granny Bee Block 27

Granny Block Bee 28

Sara requested yellow, yellow and more yellow! Nice and easy, as I finally got over my stagnation hump and started cutting blocks for a Granny Block top of my own (more on that later).

So that did it for the Granny Block Bee for June and August, which is really nice. I don’t have to worry about that swap next month, unless the September queens are asked to step forward. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind if they do.

Next up are my blocks for the Fat Stash Bee. This has been a fun swap to be in. I’ve been challenged quite a bit with this swap, to think outside of my comfortable little box. This month I was challenged to work with text print fabrics, not once, but twice! The first time was for Jane, who’d requested wonky cross blocks, using a solid, or read-as-solid, red for the crosses.

Wonky Cross 01

Wonky Cross 02

Wonky Cross 03

Wonky Cross 04

I’ll be honest. I had two challenges here – wonky and text prints. I’ve never really gotten the whole text print thing – I didn’t even own any before this month.

Due to Jane’s distance from the rest of us, being in Australia, it was cheaper for her to order half yard cuts and have them shipping directly to us. She requested two to four blocks from each of us. I made four, because, well, it’s a text print, and I want Jane to get as much of that fabric back as possible. I will probably even send her the leftovers.

Speaking Stars 01

Speaking Stars 02

July’s request for the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap made me squee a little with giddiness, because I’m a total quilt dork ūüôā Janine asked me if she could use my templates for Swirling Sea of Stars – which just made me super excited to see what she wanted to do with it. I’m even more excited now that I’ve seen her take on it – her blocks are so very different from mine! Janine requested text prints, with white and cream solids for the web portion, and solids for the stars.

I had Kona White and Kona Snow on hand, so that was super easy. What I did not have were the text prints… eBay to the rescue! I bought a bundle of fat quarters of text prints. I used what I needed, and now have a bunch leftover. I have to figure out what to do with them. I’m seeing some swaps or give-aways in my future.

Linking up to Plum and June’s Let’s Get Acquainted Monday Link Up.

Fresh Sewing Day, August Edition

1 08 2012

July was a productive month, almost frighteningly so. It’s just not normal for me.

July Mosaic

1. Fun with Free Piecing, 1, 2. Fun with Free Piecing, 2, 3. Fun with Free Piecing, 4, 4. Fun with Free Piecing, 6, 5. Fun with Free Piecing, 6. FwFP Quilting Plan 3, 7. FwFP Quilting Plan 2, 8. FwFP Quilting Plan 1, 9. Fun with Free Piecing Top Completed, 10. Fun With Free Piecing, Backing, 11. PwFP Pinned, 12. Quilting Started, 13. Trimmed Scraps, 14. Made in Cherry, 15. Made in Cherry Charms 1, 16. Made in Cherry Charms 2, 17. Made in Cherry Charms 3, 18. Farmer’s Wife Plan, 19. Kona Order, 20. Happiness is…

This past month, I ordered some solids for the Farmer’s Wife Sampler. I still haven’t cut into them, but I’m planning on starting soon. I took a break for Fun with Free Piecing, which I’ve decided ought to be called Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux. It seems that every time I take a break from FWS, I piece something awfully ‘modern’.

And then I quilt the hell out of it. Seriously. I mean, Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife (henceforth known as CotFW, Round 1) took forty hours to quilt. I’m approaching the twenty hour mark on CotFW, Part Deux. >.<

And, if that weren’t enough, I’ve already decided on my next project, and started cutting charms for it, and to tame my scraps. My¬† scraps are out of control, and I refuse to ignore the problem any more! I’m being ruthless with myself, and ‘earning’ quilting time by spending some quality time with a bucket of scraps, a rotary cutter, and a mat.

No pictures here, but I even dragged the Double Wedding Ring out of hiding and started piecing. I have a mental image of myself in a Scarlett O’Hara pose, but instead of clutching the soil of Tara, I’m holding a pair of Ginger shears. Cue a Southern accent so thick you’d think I’d walked off the set of True Blood – “I will not let my projects lapse again!”


Yeah, right.

That’ll last as long as my vacation does.

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