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7 04 2014

Piracy Warning

Today, it came to my attention that the content of some of my favorite bloggers is being posted without their consent to another webpage. Curious, I decided to find out if my content was also being posted without permission.

Much to my dismay it was.

I’m extremely disappointed, though not extremely surprised. There will always be someone else looking to profit off someone else’s work.

Due to this site posting my original content, in its entirety (completely violating Fair Use), each one of my blog posts will now have the image you see above. I’ve also changed my RSS feed so show only a summary of each post. I want to stop the content scraping, but until it gets resolved, I want individuals visiting the offending web page to see that they’re supporting someone unscrupulous. When I have some time this weekend, I’m going to put together a copyright violations notice for godaddy.com, the hosting service for the webpage in question.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort, and some money into putting this blog out there in the world. I’m not going to let someone just walk away with my hard work.