Popping In

9 08 2012

There’s been a lot of sewing going on in the Grey Cat Quilts household – just not a lot of pictures that I’m willing to show off, quite yet.

Quilting on Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux has been completed. I have about a million and a half thread tails to make knots of and bury in the batting, and then I want to wash it before I take photos and post them.

In other news, I completed the last four blocks I needed to bring my total number of Farmer’s Wife blocks to 121:

Yankee Puzzle

This one is called Yankee Puzzle. I probably could have simplified the piecing a little bit, and done four flying geese units where you see the HSTs forming them in the yellow print. This combines a Heather Bailer with  two Joann’s prints.

The Owl Quilt

The Owl Quilt – Yup, that’s the name of this block, according to Jinny Beyer. I actually simplified the piecing here, as the yellow bits were done with Y-seams in the book. If I were more ambitious, I’d draw it out in EQ7 to show you, but I’m not.

Star of Friendship
Friendship Star. I had to dip into my collection of black and red prints again. I know. I have a problem – I could make at least one more black and red quilt top.

Scrap Zig Zag
Scrap Zig Zag. Very simple, very quick. I chose two prints with some foil printing in them. Nice and low volume.

I went about  picking blocks that I could cut the pieces for without thinking overly  much about the quilty math, and they were all done on Tuesday evening. Next stop… setting all of these blocks!

I also ordered fabrics for the Ron Swanson Along hosted by Monica of Happy Zombie. My husband is a big fan of the show Parks & Recreation (I personally don’t see the appeal, but I’ve only seen portions of Season 1). He was hoping for it to be in shades of pink, but Connecting Threads’s pinks didn’t have an awesome transition from pink to fuschia, and I wanted to take advantage of their sale on solids. He’s getting purple.

I want to start in on the Super Mario Brother Quilt Along hosted by Angela of Cut to Pieces, but I need to order fabrics for that one. I might yet take advantage of the Connecting Threads solids sale one more time. But I’ll be waiting for another Connecting Threads sale on their solids, since I can’t justify another $75.00 in fabric this month.

So much for this being the year of finishes for me…


1 07 2012

Party in the sewing room!

111 blocks done! I have conquered all of the blocks in The Farmer’s Wife Sampler! And I don’t have any left to remake either! I finished those yesterday as well.

#008 Bouquet#008 Bouquet

An extremely easy paper-piecing block. I was just avoiding it because, as I’ve said, I’m so over basket blocks.

#011 Broken Dishes#011 Broken Dishes

A re-make, because when I looked over the photos of these block in my Flickr group, I just hated the original attempt when compared with the rest of the blocks.

#016 Calico Puzzle#016 Calico Puzzle

Re-make number two. Thankfully all the blocks I decided to remake were super simple. I pulled some of the older stuff from the stash. Lots of prints are going to be headed to the scrap bins after this project. I think my next project will be to sort my scraps by color.

#021 Contrary Wife#021 Contrary Wife

Re-make number three. Not  sure what’s so contrary about this block. It went together quickly and easily.

#043 Garden Path#043 Garden Path

I need to block this block, so it lays correctly. The colors make me think of sherbet.

#022 Corn and Beans#022 Corn and Beans

The last block I needed from the book! Woo!!! Paper-pieced, of course.

Now, I just need to sit down and make nine more blocks, to get me to the 121 I need for the full top. I’m debating getting out of bed to pick some relatively easy ones and get them done before I have to go work today.

The End is Nigh!

28 06 2012

Three more blocks done! Really, it’s three and a half done. I would have finished another, but one of the paper-piecing segments turned out oddly, so I gave in and set the block aside before I got too frustrated to sew.

It’s really five and a half blocks before I can call myself truly done with the Farmer’s Wife blocks, though. I looked over my Flickr group of blocks, and decided that I need to  remake three. Thankfully, they’re three of the easier ones (Calico Puzzle, Contrary Wife, and Broken Dishes) and shouldn’t take long. I’m hoping I can get all of the blocks done tonight after kiddo’s swimming lesson.

#019 Checkerboard#019  Checkerboard

This block was done entirely out of the scrap basket and paper-pieced. I also took advantage of nesting seams, which is something I haven’t done a lot before working on the Farmer’s Wife. I’ve always been a seams open kind of girl.

#037 Flower Pot#037 Flower Pot

This is a block I’ve been avoiding for some time. It’s practically a basket block, and I’m so over basket blocks. It wasn’t that long ago that I worked on the Baskets BOM with the Stitch ‘N’ Bitch group, and there are five basket blocks in the Farmer’s Wife. Yes, I counted.

#104 Wild Geese#104 Wild Geese

I’ve been avoiding this block, too, because of the sheer number of seams in this bad boy. Still, it wasn’t all that bad, thanks to paper-piecing. Not sure I’m in love with this block, but it’s accurate, and I’m not touching it.

Six Blocks Left…

24 06 2012

So close. So very close.

I have six more blocks left to do, and then I’m  done with the blocks in The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt. I’ll still have nine more to do afterward, to get to  121 total blocks, but at least I’ll be done with the book. And those nine will progress quickly, once I have them selected.

I’m tempted to push through and try to have a completed quilt top in time for next Bitch ‘N’ Stitch. However, I do need to get at least four hours of sleep a night.

#100 Weathervane#100 Weathervane

Another block in which I removed extraneous seams to make piecing easier. Paper-pieced, and using a color scheme inspired by the log cabin block I made up for the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap.

#024 Country Path#024 Country Path

I wanted more contrast than is in the block in the book, because otherwise the pattern disappears. Paper-pieced, because these are all  paper-pieced now.

#090 Storm Signal#090 Storm Signal

The background fabric here is a favorite of mine. I also love the black and white orange peel fabric. The third fabric is one I raided from Sandi’s scrap bins when I realized that I hadn’t brought along the grey fabric I was originally planning on using.

#036 Flower Garden Path#036 Flower Garden Paths

I used the last of the Heidi Grace polka dot print in this block. I love this print,  and am sad to see it gone from my stash. More of Sandi’s black scrap fabric appears in this block.

#110 Wood Lily#110 Wood Lily

A re-make, because the first one was too small. Paper-pieced, and I remembered to alternate the way the seams folding for better accuracy this time around.

#017 Cats and Mice#017 Cats and Mice

More use of the fabrics picked up on my trip to Minnesota. I probably should have reviewed the way EQ7 wanted to do the paper-piecing segments, but I persevered and ironed the snot out of this block.

99 Blocks on the Wall…

20 06 2012

Well, in a pile on my dining room table. In alphabetical order.

Seriously, folks, I’m counting down the days until I can stop piecing these blocks. I need twelve more from the book, and another nine to fill my quota  for the quilt top. Twenty-one more.





Just ignore the crazy quilter in the corner, frothing at the mouth when this is all over.

#097 Waste Not#097 Waste Not

Paper-pieced, because I didn’t feel like figuring out angles. Super quick and easy. I’m fairly certain that the cream and aqua fabric is a Anne Maria Horner. Fairly surprised by its transparency. Maybe I actually bought a voile?

#099 W.C.T.U.#099 W.C.T.U.

More of  the pink gingham, which I seriously adore. I believe the green fabric is a Pat Bravo. Mostly  paper-pieced, because I know that I would never have gotten this right in the wee hours, which is when I normally sew.

#108 Windmill#108 Windmill

Done entirely out of the scrap bag(s), and with more symmetry than in the book. I have a thing about balance…

#096 Tulip#096 Tulip

Again, not nearly as scrappy as the block in the book. I just couldn’t do it. My need for symmetry won out.

#032 Farmer's Daughter#032 Farmer’s Daughter

The very last of the rotary friendly blocks! Also done from the scrap bags, and taking inspiration from a swap block I did recently.

#088 Star of Hope#088 Star of Hope

Paper-pieced because of being based on a 5-grid.

#035 Flower Basket#035 Flower Basket

There are something like five basket blocks in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler. I cannot tell you how tired I am of basket blocks.

#073 Rainbow Flowers Redux#073 Rainbow Flowers

Another do-over. I’ve misplaced the original attempt at this block, which is fine. I didn’t like my first attempt at it. Much happier now with the more saturated colors and more interesting prints.

More Blocks, and a Quilt-Along

13 06 2012

Yes, more Farmer’s Wife blocks. Sorry, folks. I’m kind of obsessed.

#065 Peaceful Hours#65 Peaceful Hours

I love this block now that I’m done with it, though I’m not sure  that I’d call the hours spent piecing it ‘peaceful’. The first attempt failed abysmally, because I forgot to override EQ7’s auto-grouping for paper-piecing. Then, I immediately borked color placements. I had to give up in self-disgust that first time around. Second time around proved to be less painful, thank goodness.

#082 Spider Legs#082 Spider Legs

I remembered (ha!) what a pain in the butt Wood Lily (very similar in construction to Spider Legs) was with thicker fabrics and deliberately picked a background fabric that would play nice with the smaller pieces. Unfortunately, I failed to notice the yellow stain on it. I’m going to attempt to spot wash it before I give in a re-make this block.

#078 Shooting Star

#078 Shooting Star

This was another where I’d forgotten to override EQ7’s auto-grouping. This is block was also done primarily from my scraps. You’d think I’d make more use of them for these blocks, but I somehow never think of it.

#083 Spiderweb

#083 Spiderweb

Really easy to piece, though it doesn’t meet as nicely in the middle as I’d like. I’m ignoring that slight flaw, because I’ll forget once this quilt is done and quilted.

#047 Homemaker#047 Homemaker

Ignore the terrible quality of the photo – my camera is dying by inches, and I’m not ready to buy a replacement yet. Anyway, this one was paper-pieced in five sections, and then ironed to a fare-thee-well. Used some oldies but goodies from the stash.

So, in reality, I actually have 20 blocks in the book left 😦 I somehow counted two that are in the re-do pile. Ah, well. More piecing practice, I guess.

In other news, I need to join the Mario Quilt Along hosted by Angela of Cut to Pieces. There’s already a Flickr group and I’ve got the button in my side bar! Hubby gave me puppy-dog eyes when I showed him the preview, and I’m pretty sure that my son will love the quilt too!

Chugging Along

8 06 2012

I’ve made more progress, but I’m very ready to be done piecing Farmer’s Wife Blocks and move onto putting the top together. Twenty-two more blocks from the book, and another nine to get to the full 121 needed.

#077 Seasons#077 Seasons

Totally addicted to the Parson Gray fabric here. I need more of it. I wanted to see how it would play with this pink gingham, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

#094 Tall Pine Tree#094 Tall Pine Trees

Paper pieced for accuracy, and a couple of extraneous seams removed to reduce bulk and increase sanity. I’d tried rotary cutting this block, but kept borking the quilt-y math, so I gave in.

#086 Squash Blossom#086 Squash Blossom

Paper-pieced, obviously. I’m far too lazy to have rotary cut all those 45 degree angles. Got into a couple of fabrics that hadn’t met my scissors yet.

#066 Periwinkle

#066 Periwinkle

I love the background fabric here. It’s  one of my favorite prints. I’m very happy with how this block turned out.

#059 Night and Day

#059 Night and Day

I wish I could have found a whole bolt of the grey and white fabric used in this block. Joann’s only had it in fat quarters 😦

Five more done in this batch. I wonder how many  more I can get done tonight and tomorrow.

More Farmer’s Wife

4 06 2012

I got back on the horse with the Farmer’s Wife blocks. I’m on the home stretch of all the blocks that require some degree of paper-piecing (because there’s no way in heck I’m using templates for these!).  After today’s batch, I just need twenty-seven more blocks from the book itself. I still need to pick another group of blocks to flesh out the setting that I want to use.

Thankfully, I have Jinny Beyer’s The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns. I’m going to look specifically for blocks that were first published in The Farmer’s Wife magazines, just to keep a theme going. If I can’t find enough, no big deal. Really, I’ll just be happy so long as they’re easy to rotary cut.

#079 Silver Lane

#079 – Silver Lane. This one is a mix of traditional piecing and paper-piecing.

#074 Ribbons

#074 – Ribbons. Paper-pieced, with some extraneous seams removed.

#060 Noon and Light

#060 Noon & Light – I love that gray background fabric. It’s Parson Gray.

#058 Mother's Dream

#058 Mother’s Dream – Some favorite prints. I love the contrast of the prints.

#057 Morning

#057 Morning – Again, paper-pieced with some extraneous seams removed.

#033 Farmer's Puzzle

#033 Farmer’s Puzzle – I might end up re-doing this particular block, as there’s very little contrast in between the purple fabric and the background fabric.

Crawling Towards Completion

31 03 2012

Thirty-seven more blocks to go. Three of them are do-overs, and one needs a m. I’m feeling an urge to actually quilt and finish something though, so I need to pick up some batting soon and finish out a top or two.

#105 Wild Goose Chase
#105 Wild Goose Chase

I totally did not intend for the pink geese to be so perfectly fussy cut – the fabric has a tiling look to it, and I wanted to capture more pink than green. Still, it actually looks really good. I’m kind of sad that the ‘sky’ for the green geese looks more randomly cut, but I’m so not going back.

#106 Wild Rose and Square
#106 Wild Rose and Square

I was not ready to do another red or pink block, and I’ve used too much gray for backgrounds lately. I let the squares in the corners determine my other fabric choices.

#013 Buckwheat
#013 Buckwheat

Paper-pieced,  and some old favorites from the fabric stash.