Fresh Sewing Day, May Edition

1 05 2013

Month of April

1. Cutting Fool, 2. Quilting Up, 3. Granny Bee Block 12, 4. Granny Bee Block 11, 5. Nicky Block 01, 6. Nicky Block 02, 7. Nicky Block 03, 8. Nicky Block 04, 9. LOVE Fat Stash Bee Block for April, 10. Frankenstein Block 24, 11. Frankenstein Block 25, 12. Frankenstein Block 26, 13. Frankenstein Block 27, 14. Frankenstein Block 28, 15. Frankenstein Block 29, 16. Frankenstein Block 30, 17. Frankenstein Block 31, 18. Scrappy Star 01, 19. Scrappy Star 02, 20. Scrappy Star 03, 21. Scrappy Star 04, 22. Scrappy Star 05, 23. Scrappy Star 06

My efforts throughout May feel less focused than those in previous months. I think because I have been so diligently working on scrap management and scrappy projects. Normally, I am far more focused on the ‘planned’ projects, those projects for which fabric has been specifically purchased.

However, I’m glad to see the scraps used. I’ve been saving them all this time. I spent quite a bit on the yardage from which these scraps came. It’s good to feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck. It’s also nice to return to my roots – I started out as a scrap quilter, scrounging bits of fabric from whatever I had on hand. When I did buy fabric, I only bought in quarter yard increments, as I only ever envisioned cutting small pieces out, to compromise a larger whole that was much more than the sum of its parts. Keep in mind that this was the late nineties, too, which meant that there wasn’t nearly the wealth of choices there is now. Or at least, a wealth of choices matching my tastes. What a difference a decade and a half makes!

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