Finished! Sewing Room Quilt Top Additions

23 12 2015

I’m late in blogging about it, but I did actually complete my addition for the last quilt top in the Traveling Bee-utiful Quilt Swap.

I had a lot of disparate parts, that I needed to make into a cohesive whole. Making them whole would have been easy – COHESIVE was another matter entirely.

Traveling Bee-utiful - November Part 1

Traveling Bee-utiful - November Part 2

I kept letting myself get psyched out by the project. Frankly, I let myself get stuck on one idea, and couldn’t get myself out of the mental rut. Somehow, I’d convinced myself that I needed to make representational blocks – images of tools, essentially.

I couldn’t find patterns that I was willing to pay for, and I definitely didn’t feel up to designing something myself. So, I got stuck. Repeatedly.

Until finally, I re-read the description for the ‘plan’ for the quilt top, and realized that I could do something else entirely. Up to, and including, splitting the disparate parts that I had into two quilt tops, so that the original quilter would be able to hang her quilts on the wall.

Traveling Bee-utiful November

Ultimately, I decided to piece the words “DREAM” and “DESIGN”, to complement the word “CREATE”, which had been pieced by a previous quilter. I then sandwiched one of the panels between the words, and left the remaining panel (featuring a really awesome seam ripper) alone, to be its own mini-quilt.

In the end, I sent it out, pretty happy with what I’d done. I’d go back and change a couple of small things now, but it’s done, and so is this swap for the year.


Fresh Sewing Day, November Edition

1 12 2013

I did a lot of sewing this month. Like, a crazy amount of sewing this month. My sewing mojo came back and made it clear that it was the boss around these parts.

Softies and doll clothes were a minor obsession… I’m pretty sure I’m going ahead with that Etsy shop. Of course, I’ve made this decision without sufficient time to prep for the holiday season, but that’s okay. I’ll take some time to build up some stock before launching the shop.

November Softie Makes1. Cat Softie, 2. Meet White, 3. Elephant Pajamas, 4. Floral Pajamas, 5. Softie Dress, 6. Doll Shorts X 4, 7. Doll Skirts X 2, 8. More Doll Clothes

I made two more softies toward the end of October, leading into November. Both were learning experiences, and I’ll be revising my construction methods to accommodate my desire for more fully stuffed limbs. I successfully figured out following the patterns for the softie pajamas and dress, making two sets of PJs and one dress. From there, I moved onto make five pairs of shorts from reclaimed denim fabric, from jeans that were destined to exit the house in the garbage. I got four pairs of gray shorts, and one pair of blue shorts. I also drafted my own pattern for a-line skirts to fit these softies. I was super excited to see that they came out exactly as I’d envisioned, which was a tremendous confidence boost. I got two gray skirts and one blue skirt from those same old jeans, and used fabrics from my quilting scraps to create the ruffled trim.

November Quilting Makes1. Swoon 10, 2. Granny Block Bee 35, 3. Granny Block Bee 36, 4. Granny Block Bee 37, 5. Granny Block Bee 38, 6. Swoon 11, 7. Swoon 12, 8. Swoon 13, 9. Swoon 14, 10. Swoon 15, 11. Swoon 16, 12. Swoon Top, 13. Feather 01, 14. Feather Halves, 15. Windmill 01, 16. Windmill 02, 17. Origami Star 01, 18. Origami Star 02, 19. Granny Block Bee 39, 20. Granny Block Bee 40

Quilt blocks were dominated this month. I finished up the last of the sixteen blocks I needed for my Swoon top, then sashed the blocks and finished the top. I got caught up on all of my swap blocks. I just have to package them to go out, and then I don’t have to worry. I’m completely caught up in the Granny Block Bee swap, and have worked ahead in the Fat Stash Bee.

I’m in round 14 of the Doll Quilt Swap, and am deciding on an idea for my swap partner. I think I’ve got it pinned down – I just need to draw it up in EQ7, and see if it works digitally the way it does in my head. From there, it’ll be an easy transition into fabric.

Block Attack!

30 11 2013

I tackled my swap blocks last night and today, wanting to get them all out of the way. I’m only in the two block swaps for the moment: Fat Stash Bee and Granny Block Bee.

I’d received Svea P’s fabrics for her Fat Stash block very early this month – I just didn’t really have any drive to get them done. Bad me! So, I forced myself to start with her block, because hers was waiting the longest. Svea requested feathers from Anna Maria Horner’s pattern. I do have to admit that I really love the look of this pattern though I really kind of hate putting it together from templates.

Svea provided a lovely Essex linen for the background and Sketch in Chocolate for the spine of the feathers, and requested scrappy feathers. I have to admit that once I realized what she’d given me to work with, I was super excited. I’ve been wanting to try Essex linen in something, but was afraid to buy yardage in case I hated it. It was a pleasure to work with, and I loved the contrast in textures.

Svea provided enough linen to get through one feather block. I’d been hoping to squeeze enough out of her quarter yard to make two for her:

Feather 01
I sort of got carried away, and made several extra feather halves to contribute to the scrappiness of her quilt:

Feather Halves
Yeah, that was a lot of strip piecing there… Still, these are fun, and feathers might be making an appearance in a project soon.

From there, I moved onto Susan’s blocks for Fat Stash for December. She requested Windwill blocks, from a Moda Bake Shop pattern. I sort of ending up hating this pattern. It’s not that it’s not easy, because it is! It would just be a lot easier to do these blocks with Flying Geese subunits.

Susan requested blocks in “blues, greens, purples, grey, maybe some super mellow yellows”. Super easy for me to do, considering my stash:

Windmill 01
Windmill 02

Next up were Kelli’s blocks for Fat Stash for January. She’d sent her fabrics super early, to prevent any parcels from getting lost in the mail during the Christmas rush. Smart move! She sent us jelly roll strips of Seascapes by Deb Strain for Moda, and asked that we use a gray fabric for the background. She also asked us to follow piecing instructions for Origami Stars. There was enough fabric to do two blocks.

Origami Star 01
Origami Star 02

From there, I turned my attention to the Granny Block, which I was already caught up on. My thought was to see if December’s queens had posted their requests for this month. Then I realized that I was one of the queens for December. D’oh!

So, I quickly decided on my request for this month: chartreuse, aqua and gray blocks, with Kona White for the background. Then I made two blocks as an example:

Granny Block Bee 39
Granny Block Bee 40

So… that’s my last two days of sewing. I figure that’s a good way to wrap the end of November! Now, I’m off to make baked ziti and to celebrate kiddo’s sixth birthday!

That’s right! Six years ago today, Zebediah was born, at 11:50 PM. It’s been amazing to watch him grow and develop. I’m looking forward to many more birthdays to come!

Sewing Fiend

16 11 2013

I’ve done a lot of sewing lately, especially today. I woke up at four o’clock this morning, for some weird reason, and then decided that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep again. So, I started sewing.

However, before we get to today’s sewing… Last week Saturday was Stitch ‘N’ Bitch. I brought softies to show, but also finished a softie dress:

Softie Dress

I love the fabric that I used in the skirt!

I also got most of the way through a Swoon block, but finished it up at home. I realized today, that each one of these blocks is taking almost an entire bobbin of thread.

Swoon 10

Yes, I’m being picky when I cut the center square. As much as possible, I’m fussy cutting.

Today, I completed two more Swoon blocks:

Swoon 11

Swoon 12

This puts me at twelve Swoon blocks. I now only need four more to have enough for my top. I’m seriously considering pushing through and trying to finish the top this weekend. The only trouble is that these blocks take freaking forever. There’s a lot of subunits to put together before I even get to piecing the block itself.

Once I’d hit that point, I decided I needed a break from Swoon blocks. I also remembered that it’s the middle of November, and that I need to make my swap blocks for this month. I completed the Granny Bee blocks for this month:

Granny Block Bee 35
Granny Block Bee 36

Suzy requested her blocks to be any color, as long as they were a solid. Easy enough, because I still had solids leftover from the The Farmer’s Wife Sampler.

Granny Block Bee 37

Granny Block Bee 38

Jodie requested blocks in two small prints, with the fabrics to be in high contrast. I might yet remake the green and pink one. Converting the photo to gray scale tells me there’s a value difference, but it’s not what I’d call high contrast.

We’ll see how I feel after I’ve taken a nap. As I write this, it’s 8:23 PM, and I’ve been up for sixteen hours. I don’t mind, and could probably make it a little longer, but I’m definitely drowsy. In fact, that nap sounds amazing! Here’s to that nap, and to getting a quilt top done this weekend.

Fresh Sewing Day – November Edition

1 11 2013

Yeah, I finally got my tush in gear and started sewing. I got all of my swap blocks done for this month…

But it was only this past couple of weekends that I felt up to doing some sewing for myself. I’ll be honest. Real Job has sucked, a lot. I’m more and more stressed every day that I go to work lately. I keep hearing that my workload is going to lighten, but it’s not. I’m constantly running from task to task, meeting to meeting, and often multi-tasking no matter where I am.

So, frustration has been mounting, and it’s reflecting in my lack of output. I often just want to get home and go to sleep, rather than sew. I’m working on that once more – that time for myself is a sanity saver.

Month of October

1. Granny Block Bee 33, 2. Granny Block Bee 34, 3. Wonky Bento Box, 4. Wonky Bento Box 02, 5. Swoon 07, 6. Swoon 08, 7. Swoon 09

Swap blocks for this month were finished early – I’m down to two swaps. Kind of sad about that, but also kind of not. My Swoon blocks progress, but I really want to get this top done. I have nine of the blocks done, so now I’m over the halfway mark.

I have the whole weekend off, for the first time in six weeks – I’ve been working at the mall every Sunday, in addition to working Real Job, because they’ve needed the extra help. The extra money is nice, but I’m so excited to have 48 hours off.

My plan is to finish the Swoon top, and then to do as much hand-quilting as I can. My fingers will hate me, but I really want to have another hand-quilted piece to snuggle in during the winter months.

Lily's Quilts