New Project – Ode to Taupe

16 08 2012

Yes, that’s right – ANOTHER project.

Because the Farmer’s Wife and the Double Wedding Ring aren’t enough to be working on.

The trouble is, my brain isn’t content unless it’s spewing forth a design, so it did. And, coincidentally, Connecting Threads had a sale on their solids.

New Project

I ordered five yards of taupe, two yards of wine, and thread in Claret, Fawn,and Taupe. I also ordered one yard of the stripey taupe print on the bottom right of the image above. Everything else was pulled from stash. The two prints at the top right of the photo, I’m thinking will go into the backing.

Ode to Taupe Start

I start piecing last night, because I was suffering from Farmer’s Wife anxieties. I keep looking at the gray I’ve started sashing the blocks in, and worried that the dye lots won’t match, but I’m forcing myself to ignore it for the moment. It’s not that big a deal, in the long run, if there’s slight variance, because I won’t see it when I step back  from the quilt as a whole. I just need to take some time to step back and accept, and then everything will be good.

So I got a start on this top last night. I wasn’t really paying attention and added that top taupe strip. That will end up coming off, and having a piece inserted. My intention is to have the design flow off the edges of the top.

I’m not entirely sure where this is heading yet. I started the design in EQ7, and haven’t had a chance to complete it. It’s a little hard to wrap my head around – I’m working bigger than I’m used to. Both of those blocks here finish to about 17.5″ X 17.5″.

*grins* My ruler is only so big, you know!

So far, I’m liking it, but am questioning the inclusion of the smaller black and white prints. I have a feeling that when I step back from the quilt, they’ll start looking like the dots in 80s pop art and ‘muddy’ the clarity of the minimalist design. I need to purchase a couple of yards of orange for a charm swap, so I’ll probably go ahead and order some more black and white prints at that time to get my order to the free shipping limit at

I’m going to keep the white on black stripe, and the large black on white damask, and probably the Spirograph-esque print. The other two are destined to return to  the stash and await another project, no matter how much I love them. I might yet change my mind on the Spirograph-esque print, as my brain is looking for a certain level of elegance in the prints, and I’m not sure that it will fit the bill.

And, yes, this is destined to fall into the group of simply pieced quilts that have the hell quilted out of them. I’m figuring on echoing the shapes of the wine colored portions of the quilt, and I will probably return to having them spaced only 1/2″ apart.