A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Lime & Cherry Baskets

13 01 2013

I totally understand if someone wants to tell me to STFU by now… I’m on an unprecedented roll of productivity that has held out for nearly two weeks. My energy levels are still high and I’m still feeling good.

As part of this roll, I dug out the basket blocks top from the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch BOM from 2010.

It’s been a while since I looked at it. Urgh. Okay, longer than a little while. I last touched this top on 12/07/2010.

I’m a lot ashamed.

Somehow, I thought it was a lot bigger than it actually is. I’d estimate it to measure about 64″ X 64″. In my mind, it was somehow at least 80″ X 80″. At its actual size, it’ll make a nice lap quilt, though I think I’d prefer it to become a wall hanging, with all the white in it.

Basket BOM

I’m still happy with it, though I wish I’d taken a little more care in piecing here and there. No matter – I’d rather just get it done. Picking it apart to fix mistakes that are at least a year old just isn’t happening.

Basket BOM Backing

I pieced the backing this afternoon, using some yardage that I’d purchased specifically for this top. Realizing that I’d have to splice some yardage together, I decided to throw in the remaining half yard of a green print that was leftover from this top and my double wedding ring cutting. I wanted to avoid a seam right down the middle of the backing.

I have to figure out how to quilt it yet… I spent some time today debating designs. Nothing has made me want to commit yet, though I know that I need to do a lot of outline stitching. I’ll get that much started, at least, and decide on more decorative designs this week.


Prepping for Quilting

22 07 2012

I took some time off second job today, and visited second job’s main location, just so that I could pin Fun with Free Piecing. My knees won’t allow me to crawl around on a floor, even if I had enough floor space. At second job, I can push three of the gaming tables together and go to town! I’m on a roll with this quit, and determined to keep going while I have my momentum.

FwFP Backing, Stretched

I love the colors in this backing more and more! I tried painter’s tape for the first time today – last time I did this, it was normal packing tape. I like the strength of the packing tape, but the lack of crazy sticking with the painter’s tape was awesome.

All Set to Pin
In layering this together, I discovered that my back is pretty much exactly two inches bigger on all sides than the top, which is perfect. Pretty good for not having a formal  plan for the backing and doing all the adding in my head.

PwFP Pinned

I’m a little concerned about how the quilting will look on the back, but have determined that everything in the bobbins will be gray or black. All of the colors will be on the front of the quilt.

I’m at home now, and even though it’s getting on toward midnight, I’ve started drawing my quilting lines. I’m going to start tonight, and see how I like my quilting plan.