A Little Catching Up…

4 10 2015

This week and last were both 50-hour work weeks for me. We experienced an onslaught of winter/holiday items arriving to our warehouse, and I’m one of the few individuals cross-trained both to work in the warehouse and in our retail locations. Due to this, I ended up working at the warehouse, hefting boxes. Lots of boxes.

This means that I’m behind on my (admittedly mental) schedule to get my retail location together for winter/holiday displays, but that’s actually a good thing. There remains a slew of open orders due to arrive at the warehouse. I’d rather not set up displays, only to have to reset them again, and again.

That also meant that I fell behind on getting my September commitment for the Traveling Bee-utiful Swap done. Not by much – just a couple of days, but I hate falling behind on deadlines. It makes me grumpy.

This is the top, as I received it, in early September:

Traveling Bee-utiful - September

I knew one thing, as I got this top-in-progress on my wall – I wanted to lighten it up, by adding a border that was comprised heavily of low volume fabrics. I felt like the top needed a ‘breather’ but this point. I turned to EQ7, as I usually do, and modified an existing border treatment in the EQ7 block library. I started with this:

Base Border BlockIt was pretty boring to me, so I decided to alter it. After reading the original quilter’s journal entry regarding the start of her quilt, I knew that I needed to make sure to use scraps. It wasn’t a hard choice. I have plenty of scraps.

It didn’t take long for me to come up with this:

September Border

Plenty scrappy, and I knew I had plenty of low volume fabrics to get me through border. I did, however ultimately decide to stick to just two low volume prints. I didn’t have enough scrappy low volume, and wanted to minimize my time in cutting.

I modified the design to come up with a corner block, so that the design would ‘turn the corners’ of the border:

September Border - Corner Block

That made me happy with the final design:

September Border - Whole

From there, it was just a matter of paper-piecing. This should have been fast, and easy. Problem was, I completely forgot about chain-piecing for some reason. *sighs*

If I’d remembered, I might have been able to get this out on time…

As it was, I remembered halfway through, and managed to make the last two nights of piecing go much more quickly. For all of my non-low volume fabrics needs, I went through my stash of starched and pre-cut scraps. I love using my scraps – it’s like a fabric acquisition memory lane.

So, after being silly, working too much, and making this project take too long, I finally attached the border to the last side on Thursday night.

Traveling Bee-utiful Swap - September AdditionI’m very happy with how this one turned out, and am excited to start October’s contribution. I’ve already received it, though I haven’t opened the package yet.



30 09 2013

I’ve been slacking in the sewing department, something fierce. I just haven’t had the urge to sew, so I haven’t.

Buying fabric on the other hand… I’ve done a lot of that, and I really should take photos of this month’s purchases to shame myself into stopping. This retail therapy thing might be a little out of hand. Thank goodness we past the craziness of the start of the fall semester.

Anyway, I realized that it’s nearly the end of September, and that I needed to get moving on swap blocks, so I’m not behind for October. I’d been a little delayed, regardless, because I needed blues, desperately, and had placed an online order. Good thing I did, too, because one of the swap queens for October also requested blues.

Granny Block Bee 29

Granny Block Bee 30
requested the blue Granny blocks in September that sent me on my initial quest for blues. She wanted blues in lights, mediums and darks to be represented in each block.

Granny Block Bee 32

Granny Block Bee 31For October, Rachael requested blocks done in blue and green, inspired by Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane fabric line. As I said, I really needed those blues that I ordered.

Maple Leaf

Jacqueline requested Maple Leaf blocks to celebrate the changing of seasons into fall, and provided fat quarters of autumn-ish fabrics. I whipped up the above block with the fabric she provided.

I still owe one block for September, and at least one request for October to fill, now that the the queen for that month has sent her fabrics out. I’m hoping to get through those by the end of this week. We’ll see if I can keep my momentum up, now that I’ve actually sat in front of the sewing machine.

Fresh Sewing Day, September Edition

1 09 2013

I didn’t manage to do a block a day, as I’d intended to do. I did an awful lot of working myself into exhaustion this month, had my annual “Holy F***! I’m drowning in Helpdesk tickets!!” panic attack, and have managed to answer an absurd number of emails and phone calls in my attempts to keep my Helpdesk to our customer service goals. Then, I’ve come home, written quite a bit in my fiction groups, and slept a lot.

This weekend hasn’t even been exempt from overworking myself – I just spent three hours answering emails. I could have left them, but my campus’ first day of classes is Tuesday. The idea of leaving my students to answer fifty or more emails on that day, without including emails coming in on that day alone, just chafes the wrong way. (Not that there is a right way for chafing…). I’ll be doing a bit more tomorrow – I normally run a report on Mondays, but I’m off for Labor Day, and it needs to be done for meetings on Tuesday.

I’m going to have a stupid number of hours in this week.

Anyway, on to the sewing!

Month of August1. Sunsets and White Beaches, 2. Swoon 01, 3. Swoon 02, 4. Swoon 03, 5. Swoon 04, 6. Swoon 05, 7. Swoon 06

In addition to having completed the top for Sunsets and White Beaches, I completed the backing. In retrospect, I almost wish I’d matched the repeat. Honestly, though, I’m freaking lazy after the month I’ve had, and done is better than anything else. The thing is sandwiched and ready for hand-quilting.

I also got through six Swoon blocks, one of which I will probably pitch, or pick apart and do-over, for better points and seams nesting properly. I re-organized my sewing area a bit, adding a table and a rolling stool to make my efforts much more ergonomic. I’ve also designed my very own quilt labels, for printing at Spoonflower. Once I have them in hand, I’ll share some photos of the actual labels. I figure it’s about time I actually document my quilting efforts and label the quilts so that my efforts aren’t lost.

I’ve purchased a crazy amount of fabric lately – retail therapy, and the desire to complete a couple of quilt designs that have been developing in my mind for a while. Not gonna share photos – I’ll shame myself out of going to the WI Quilt Expo this coming weekend. Speaking of – anyone else going?

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