31 05 2014

Time for some honesty:

I lost my workout motivation after seeing the dietitian. This was compounded by telling myself that I was a slob for not keeping up with it. I further compounded by not paying much attention to what I was eating.

Today, I decided I was done feeling sorry for myself, and that it was time to climb back on that wagon, and hang on for dear life. It was time to try something new, since I don’t get to the gym as often as I should.

That something new was something I’d seen advertised on, since I subscribe to that service: DailyBurn

It seemed promising, since I could do everything from home, so I signed up for the free 30 day trial. Deciding to start out easy on myself, I started with the beginner program and just dove in. I finished my first half hour work out not even ten minutes ago…


I didn’t feel rushed, or sloppy, or less than confident. The initial workout was exactly the right pace, and I was sweating and feeling the exertion by the end of it. It was a good feeling. A really good feeling.

The only thing that hurt? My feet, because I’m never on them anymore, and I really had to use them to balance throughout the half hour.

I feel like this is something I could actually do before getting ready for work, and I’m already browsing the other guided programs. I’d like to do at least one hour per day with this – start and end the day with some physical activity.

I feel really good right now, having worked off some tension and sweat out some stress, and that’s something I’ve missed. I really actually want to get up and do more.

I’m looking forward to starting my day tomorrow.