2016 WIPs

# Name Started Description Stage
1 Technicolor Fields June 2011 Farmer’s Wife Sampler, by Laurie Aaron Hird Quilt top completed.
2 Garden Party’s Quadrille Mid-2012 Botanical BOM 2012 Quilt top completed.
3 Charmed, I’m Sure 30 July 2013 From Sarah Fielke’s Made in Cherry pattern. COMPLETE
4 Swirling Sea of Stars 13 March 2013 Scrappy string blocks. A riff on the Spiderweb block. Quilt top and backing completed.
5 Winged Square 11 June 2014 Winged Square blocks, done in rounds of yellow, aqua, pink and green. All subunits pieced. Top 25% completed.
6 Test Your Skills Sampler 11 Sept 2011 Project designed by Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts, to go with our Skill Builder Series. Instructions available here. Need to establish where I am, and pick up where I left off.
7 Double Wedding Ring Mid-2011 Double wedding ring quilt, done in orange and lime green for the arcs. Melons and centers in Kona Berry. Two rows done; all subunits pieced.
8 Swap Granny Blocks 17 November 2014 Blocks sent to me from participation in a swap. My month was December 2013. Blocks trimmed. Need to sew them into setting triangles.
9 Ode to Taupe 16 August 2012 Modern, zen garden inspired. Blocks in progress.
10 Squares Plus / Haunted Gala 10 November 2015 Quilt top using Haunted Gala fabric. Piecing started.
11 Forever Fairy Tales 31 December 2015 Diamond quilt from magazine. Quilt top complete.
12 365 Challenge Quilt Sampler 01 January 2016 Epic sampler as posted at http://www.365challenge.com.au/ I will keep up with this sampler as it is posted. This sampler is being logged here simply for accountability, rather than a project to finish in 2016.
13 Neutral Star Baby Quilt 04 November 2015 A riff of the Made in Cherry pattern – just using smaller squares. COMPLETE

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